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We Are Royalty

Updated: Feb 24

Hi Everybody, I'm Dalia Ramahi and I feel called to sparkle my light and share the warmth and joy I feel deep in my heart. That joy I feel? It's a state of being and a choice I consciously make every day. It took me a long time to realize that I AM a queen and I’m worthy of calling myself one. I think self-worth is such a tricky little thing because many of us misunderstand what it really means to feel worthy of BEing and experiencing the best version of ourselves. If we know deep down there is this amazing version of ourselves but we don’t see him/her, it’s simply because we’re not there yet. There is a gap in what we want and the way we’re living life now, in how we execute our self-care routines, the company we keep, the THOUGHTS we let occupy our minds, and/or the relationships we allow into our sacred spaces.


I have been doing a lot of transformation work over the last couple of years and I am so proud that I have found my voice, created a vision, defined my purpose, and now am pursuing what I believe is my calling to bring #JOY to millions 😘❤️

All of that makes me a queen and so much more. Call yourself a King, Princess, Knight or whatever makes you feel good. The point is, when we lift ourselves up, we create movement that allows others to be lifted up with us. That is why we are ALL royalty.


I feel called to share the power that I tapped into and am harnessing on a daily basis. I didn’t find this power alone in a dark room but through a tribe of loving & high vibing people, through leadership, and by investing in myself. Baby steps eventually turn into giant leaps. Small acts of courage despite fear launch you into a world where you feel brave to take risks, because you understand that trusting by being and doing is a much better way to live than shrinking back and keeping your fingers crossed. Being pro-active and taking small actions today will eventually bridge the gap from where we are now and where we want to be. One day you'll wake up and say, Wow! This is my life and I love every moment that led up to it. It can be more than a dream so start believing that life is here now.


If you told me a year ago that I would openly call myself a queen without feeling silly I would’ve said you were crazy but today I confidently claim who I Be because I have chosen to take responsibility for my thoughts and live life on my terms. I live authentically, generously giving, allowing myself to receive, and being of service through my work and personal life. I love words like queen, empowerment, leadership, and tribe. I invite you to take a baby step by investing in yourself in some small way that will support your growth. We owe it to ourselves to be green and growing every day we are blessed to live. The alternative is to be ripe and rotting. I know none of us truly want to be so ripe that we fall off the tree for good.

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