Who is Dalia?


Dalia Ramahi is a Washington D.C. based English and Arabic Bi-lingual voice over artist. Dalia is a huge advocate of learning, personal development and growth.  She lives her joy every day by sharing her voice and encourages others to find their everyday joy too. She likes to think of herself as a JOY ADVOCATE.  Her career includes creating lovable characters that kids and adults of all ages can enjoy.  She also lends her voice to other projects that highlight her range as a voice actor.

Dalia genuinely believes in the power our voices have to make a difference and create impact whether big or small.  She brings her joyful energy into each project she voices and in her relationships with clients and colleagues.  Dalia has been fascinated with the power of using our voices to make a difference since she was a young girl. Discovering her unique style of story-telling, she found her own voice and realized she gets to BE a positive influence for others through her work as a voice over artist.  She is best described by industry peers as bubbly, whimsical, loving, effervescent, and an energetic ball of "lets go do this!"  Dalia loves to find ways to add value for her clients. She strives to provide you with the best quality to meet your project's every needs. 

With her unique voice, world-view, and endless optimism, she'll bring your vision to life with a smile you can hear.

Dalia Ramahi VO